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6DS is a small, fast and flexible sustainability consultancy with unusual breadth, depth and experience from working with the different dimensions of sustainability in many types of businesses around the world. We like to mix shorter and longer missions both on an international and local level for customers who are serious about becoming more sustainable. We have very little administration and are owned by employees so you as a customer only need to pay for the time we use helping you.

Our purpose

is to support companies and organizations in becoming more sustainable* by step-by-step reduction of their negative environmental impact and health & safety risks, increased quality in process, products and services and improving their way of working with human rights, business ethics and economic development.

* or at least less unsustainable

Dimensions of Sustainability

  • Environmental Impact
  • Health & Safety
  • Quality in Process and Product
  • Human Rights
  • Business Ethics
  • Economic Development

We deliver results

because we focus on the practical side of supporting our customers and we have an unusual combination of competence and experience covering perspectives from both business top management, management systems and expertise from the different dimensions of sustainability. We also have a great international network of experts who complements us where we have difficulties finding the time or where there is someone who is better than we are.

Examples of what we are really good at (if we may say so ourselves)

Tools and methods - to make your company more sustainable is definitely not just something for big business. Environmental impact, quality defects. workplace injury/illness and other social dimensions of sustainability, in your operations, at suppliers or customers is equally important for smaller companies and organizations.

Audits and GAP analyses - that adds real business value and not just a few more findings against a standard regardless if it is about ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, ISO 26001 or an even wider sustainable development scope. Prepare and simplify the adaptation to the new standards on quality, environment and health & safety by identifying what needs to change.

Management systems for 2020 - with focus on actual and major improvements of your performance. Local, multi-site, global or integrated systems, 6DS has long experience with all of these from a user perspective and is currently working as technical experts in the ongoing international development of both the new ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 (OHSAS 18001).

Mentoring, coaching and training - How to get management attention? What am I doing wrong? Where can I find information? How do I get everyone on-board? Which standard or certification body should we go for? What does the new ISO standards mean for our operations? Use our knowledge and experience and avoid doing all the mistakes we have done.